Facebook Report: User Conduct towards Video Consumption on Facebook and Instagram

According to the general study, videos enormously appeal to the users as per their time expenditure data. It is a significant constituent of mobile traffic as well.

Publishers can utilize such an opportunity showing high involvement of people by enhancing and expanding the quality and content of their videos. For Example- Instagram stories along with a large number of video posts on a daily basis has shown a rapid increase rate every year.

Hence to have a better understanding of the current scenario, a report is presented by Facebook to reveal the trends of the overall video consumption.

A survey was done in USA and Canada of about 1,500 people aged 18-64 and it was found that in future, they are likely to spend more time on watching the videos on Smartphones consisting the maximum users of Instagram which already has gained the popularity on its video platform from last few years, similar situation has occurred with TV services.

Facebook can also deep-dive into the TV-ad market which is a huge business area and can attract its users who already want to access social platforms. The consumers feel that it is more convenient for them to watch videos on mobile whether being present in a public or a private location because they are short, relevant and flexible with the location.

Some advantages of video consumption on Social Networks and why people want to explore them are listed below:

  • The essence of social networking sites is the connectivity between friends and family. Hence it helps in building a community that wants to share and get responses on the content posted.
  • The social interaction has also established an emotional context which creates a sense of relation to the content and this is the reason why the users are not that interested in the traditional approach like TV.

Facebook has also suggested the following points to the video marketers:

  • Users do not have much time to spend due to their tight schedules hence the advertisements content should be precise, vertical (omits the need to turn the phone side-ways) and not more than 15 seconds having the sound-off option available as well, as per the new update.
  • The content should be striking enough to be shared and communicated,
  • One of the most important thing is to create the content which is pertinent to the appropriate users on the right time.

If Facebook continues to look at its strengths and opportunities the way it does, it can widen its ways even more through the society.

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